What Makes Good Musiq Great!?


Our main focus is you and your guests, and that personal service begins well before the event. We take pride in making each show unique by customizing our acts and song lists. To do so, we would recommend a face-to-face or telephone meeting to detail your entire schedule, answer questions, and offer suggestions so when it’s time to celebrate, you can join right in.

Disc Jockey

With over 13years of experience, the Good Musiq staff will motivate and excite your guests with their energetic voices and crowd interaction. We will provide just enough encouragement to fill a dance floor and choose only the best music that will make you want to party all night.

Master Of Ceremony

In addition to our professional disc jockey service, Good Musiq, Inc. can provide an experienced host/master of ceremonies to make announcements, oversee your schedule, and coordinate all activities. We understand it’s the details that count. You can count on us to look beyond the music to keep your best interests in mind.


Good Musiq, Inc. has an all-digital music collection of over 100,000 titles. We’ll provide you with the best music and sound for any occasion. Our music library is available in printed form and requests are always welcomed. An overwhelming number of our customers, and their guests, have commented that we have “the best variety of songs” and the way we mix them together “keeps people dancing”.


It’s important that your guests feel comfortable while we remain approachable. To make this connection, your host will spend much of their time in front of the sound equipment when making announcements, planning activities, or effectively, yet tastefully, encouraging participation. With this interaction and our music to motivate the crowd, it’s an event for everyone to enjoy.


Whether it is a black-tie affair or a more casual event, our DJ’s will always dress appropriately. The appearance of our sound equipment will also be pleasing to the eye and complimentary to the room.

Added Benefits

*Lighting and effects will turn the dance floor into a kaleidoscope of colors and set the mood for those romantic dances.
*If appropriate, we’ll prepare skits, props, prizes and games that will entertain all our guests.